Soda removes acne. But you need to use special methods, recipes for masks and lotions from soda. Here are a few ways to remove pimples from soda.

How to get rid of acne with the help of soda solution?

From acne on the scalp helps the following solution: a teaspoon of foam (from soap), a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide (three percent), half a teaspoon of soda. By rubbing this solution with drinking soda into your head, you will create all the conditions for a gradual recovery. To rub it is necessary for 2-3 minutes, using thus a cotton swab.

Wash off the solution with warm water. In the end, rinse the skin with cold water. It narrows the pores. If possible, wipe the skin with a decoction of chamomile.

The procedure for cleansing the skin with soda should be done twice a week. Treatment of pimples with soda can be combined with the use of polysorb. This medicine removes toxins, that is, its use will help to remove the frequent cause of the appearance of acne. You need to drink the medicine three times a day for 3 grams.

Acne Treatment: Alternative Methods

From acne helps and tar soap. It is necessary to wash the skin in the afternoon and in the evening with soap, so that the pimples are gone.
The second method is to eat right. Less fatty, sweet. Eat a healthy meal — meat and vegetables, and instead of sweet — natural fruits.

Bad habits also need to be abandoned. Quite often smoking, alcohol makes people ugly.

Quickly helps with acne salicylic acid. You can buy in any pharmacy, apply locally. how to buy accutane online. You need to moisten cotton wool with acid and cauterize pimples. This is the most painful treatment, but acne passes quickly.

To wash the skin with cold water also helps. Ice or cold water well narrows all pores, acne diminishes.

Expensive drugs are very effective. Zinerite treats acne effectively, and even without pain and any smell.

Before treating acne, it is better to go to a dermatologist and find out why they appeared. Perhaps the cause is inside, and while it is not removed — new acne will climb and climb.

Soda dries the skin, which means it deprives the pimples of their nutrient habitat. Use the tips given in the article to become beautiful.